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Meatless Monday: DGN Factory

By Megha Tejpal

YOU MAY HAVE ENJOYED A DOSA OR TWO IN YOUR LIFE, but did it make you go nuts? DGN Factory, a casual Indian concept whose name is short for “Dosa Gone Nuts,” serves an adventurous menu of traditional Indian crêpes with a twist. And it offers diners a full vegetarian experience unlike any other in the city. Popular in South Indian states, a dosa is typically served crispy and stuffed with a hot filling like spiced potatoes.

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Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen gives life to dgn Factory’s second location

Voice of Asia Online

After a long day of heavy downpours, the skies cleared for the much anticipated grand opening of dgn Factory’s second location in Missouri City, TX. The partners of dgn Factory, Deven Bhakta, George Eapen, and Niraj Shah, (after whose first names dgn Factory is named), welcomed Missouri City Mayor, Allen Owen, Mayor Pro Tem, Robin Elackatt, Missouri City Council At Large Position 2, Chris Preston and other distinguished friends and family.

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Fast-Casual Indian Concept DGN Factory Expands to Missouri City and Downtown

By Eater

Could 2014 finally be the year of the dosa— the fermented South Indian crepe? DGN Factory hopes so. Previously known as The Dosa Factory, DGN Factory is the fast-casual Indian restaurant located on the outskirts of the Galleria area. Starting “a revolution in the food industry,” the vegetarian restaurant provides a contemporary twist on South Indian staples like dosas, idlis and vadas.

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Dosa Factory nudges South Indian fare to mainstream

By Allison Cook

As a dosa fanatic, I approached the Dosa Factory with high interest tinged with skepticism.
This chipper little counter-service vegetarian spot styles itself “the ultimate Indian crepe experience,” and it aims to bring into the mainstream the fermented lentil-flour pancake that is one of the glories of South Indian cuisine. While the staff members are at it, they’ll take a shot at popularizing lower-profile idlis, too: the downy steamed rice cakes loved as a snack or breakfast food.

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New Houston restaurants rank on national culinary list

By Shaina Zucker
Reporter- Houston Business Journal

Seven Houston restaurants made the cut on Urbanspoon’s list of America’s Top New Restaurants of 2013 — the most in any Texas city.
The seven spread over many different types of food — from Italian to Pho. The restaurants were highlighted based on most viewed, reviewed and liked that opened its doors this year.

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The Dosa Factory Elevates a Traditional Indian Street Food to Delicious Perfection

By Kaitlin Steinberg

There are more than 34,000 McDonald’s locations in 119 countries worldwide. Dunkin’ Donuts operates about 15,000 franchises, and Starbucks has spread to 62 countries, opening nearly 21,000 locations in just 40 years. This is what America has given to the rest of the world. This is our fast food, our cheap food, our classic street food.

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Venture Outside the Loop: The Dosa Factory

By Amber Ambrose

Watch out Houston, the Indian fermented rice and lentil crepe – which is also gluten-free – known as a dosa could just be the next big thing. If the almost two-month-old Dosa Factory has anything to do with it, that could be sooner rather than later. We had a chance to check out the shiny new concept, which plans on expanding to multiple locations in the very near future, and were very impressed.

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Where to Eat Right Now: October 2013 Heatmap

By Darla Guillen

This Eater Heatmap consists of recently opened places we think you should try right now.

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Vegan MoFo #30: Dosa Factory – West Houston, TX

By and_i_say
The chronicles of a vegan scientist living in Houston

The Dosa Factory had their grand opening tonight! I saw a friend’s fb post about the soft opening, so I figured I’d drive over for some dosa. It’s just outside the loop, so it’s not far at all. For the grand opening, the special was buy a dosa and get a vada, idli, or tasty bite for free. The owner was very helpful in suggesting various things and answering my questions about ingredients.

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Where to eat right now: 10 cool, must-try restaurants for October

By Ruthie Miller

October is here! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here’s where you should eat right now in Houston.

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Urban Swank Does…The Dosa Factory

By Shanna Jones

Dosa, also spelled “dosai”, is a dish that is fairly popular in the Southern regions of India. I had to find out the hard way that all Indian cuisine is not created equal. Having friends from India who have walked me through this very fact, I understand (and appreciate) that Indian cuisine is very regional and it is hard to compare the North to the South and really any location in between. This is one of the many reasons I was excited to try The Dosa Factory, a new fast casual vegetarian Indian spot located off Richmond Avenue (in the Galleria area).

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Seven diners make Urbanspoon’s list of top new restaurants of 2013

By Syd Kearney

Seven Houston restaurants are on Urbanspoon‘s nationwide list of “Top New Restaurants of 2013.”

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Indian Cuisine in Houston, TX

By Houston Chronicle

Looking to satisfy your cravings for Indian cuisine? Want to dine at a healthy restaurant? Visit the Dosa Factory in Houston, TX for a truly authentic experience and enjoy some of the best Indian food! The most ancient dishes in the world are prepared for you, right before your eyes.

Established by Niraj Shah, co-owner of a successful, family owned Indian restaurant, the Dosa Factory specializes in savory pancakes called dosas.

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The Dosa Factory in Top 6 list of New Restaurants in 2013

By Voice of Asia

Six restaurants in Houston have made it on the Urbanspoon’s nationwide list of Top New Resturants in 2013 worth visiting for its taste factor.

Although not chosen in any order, the Dosa Factory is one of the top 6 restaurants that is a must visit on the list of New restaurants to try out before 2014 rolls in.

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Exotic Flavors – The Dosa Factory Makes Its Debut

By Fusion Reviews

Anyone unfamiliar with South Indian food is in for a culinary treat when they enter The Dosa Factory. By design, the look, feel and ambiance of the restaurant are nondescript, ridding those who enter of any preconceived notions of food and setting the scene for a magical dining experience.

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