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Dosa products are made at a central facility where quality control is a top priority. This ensures each Dosa is made to exact specifications.

Eat Smart – Black gram, a type of lentil-like bean, and rice boiled in its own husk (parboiled rice) are generally the main ingredients in a dosa. Both ingredients are washed and then allowed to soak in water for several hours or overnight. After being drained, the ingredients are finely ground. Water is added to form a smooth paste and salt can be included for flavoring. Dosa is a pancake-type breakfast food that is popular throughout southern India and Sri Lanka. It is rich in carbohydrates, yet contains no salts or saturated fats. This well-known dish is a good source of protein and essential amino acids.

Probiotics – Fermented foods are full of good bacteria. The fermenting process preserves and predigests the food. The bacteria that cause these changes are called “Probiotic bacteria.” They are not destroyed by the acid in the stomach or by the enzymes in the digestive tract. Our products are not only nutritious but are packed with probiotic health benefits. The most common probiotic foods are dairy products such as yogurt and buttermilk. Sauerkraut and pickled cabbage are examples of fermented food widely consumed in the West.